Communities of Prayer was founded in 2010 by Catholic convert, Tom Grossman Jr. After serving as a leader in the non-denominational House of Prayer movement, Tom was drawn to read books on the prayer lives of the saints, and specifically the early Church Fathers. During this time, he had a dream in which he entered a Catholic Church in the middle of the night and received the Eucharist in his hands and it turned into real blood. The church in his dream was filled with passionate people at the feet of our Lord in the most Holy Eucharist. After this dream, Tom realized that the Catholic Church is the TRUE House of Prayer. Shortly after his conversion, he formed a weekly prayer group and additionally started special seasons of prayer during Advent and Lent, which we now call Encounter, to help Catholics learn to hear the voice of the Lord and Encounter him by listening to His word.

In 2012, we became a non-parish based ministry (NBPO) in the Diocese of Dallas, Texas. Our spiritual director is Father Joshua Whitfield, Director of Faith Formation and Education, St. Rita Catholic Church, Dallas, Texas.

We hope to accomplish this mission of helping Catholics to develop a deeper and more meaningful prayer life by reaching out to Parishes, groups and individuals through our Retreats, Encounter, and Resources.


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